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Screen Enclosures Cape Coral , FL

 Screen Enclosures cape coral offers affordable solutions which allow you to enclose that space with screen mesh materials while still maintaining an outdoor feel so you can enjoy lounging in peace without worrying about bugs crawling on you!


Our awesome pool screen enclosures are the perfect way to enjoy views of your backyard without having to sacrifice security. They're also designed with a wide range of frame options, colors, and roof types so that you can find what works best for your home's exterior style.


We specialize in custom screening for pools, patios, or porches. Our custom enclosures do more than simply shield you from the elements. If you've ever wanted to enjoy your patio without being subjected to bugs and other pests, a  screen enclosure might be perfect for your home.


A custom screen enclosure is definitely the best option when it comes to customizing your own design. Patio enclosures can add much more value to your home than you might realize because having an enclosed patio will not only add beauty but also add usable livable space to your home for entertaining or just relaxing.


We believe that every customer could have a unique dream project which is perfectly adapted to specific needs.


Whether looking for custom screen porch designs or other screen enclosure designs our services are based on your own needs and site conditions. All custom enclosures come with sun protection, insect protection, strength of structure (strength of materials combined with proper installation), safety.


.Call us today at 239-522-8887.


There are many different screen enclosure design options, but if you want the best one then we recommend that your pool should be a metal frame.


Contact us today for a free consultation - we'll listen carefully in order to understand your individual lifestyle and help create a custom enclosure that suits your taste, fits your budget.

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About Us

With the beautiful weather we have in Florida, it's no wonder why so many people choose to live here. However; if you want a more comfortable living space and still enjoy all that our state offers, then contact Screen Enclosures Cape Coral for your next project!


We offer quality installations of screen enclosures as well as pet screens or insect screens with competitive rates and superior service workmanship guaranteed by experts in their field. Whether you need repairs on existing screening or complete re-screening jobs - there is an option available for every budget size out there.


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Residential Screen Enclosures

Screen enclosures cape coral is your premier screening solution in Lee county Florida. We offer residential screen enclosure repairs, re-screening and screen door repairs, as well as the installation of new screen cages. The professionals at our company will come to your home to do a free estimate for any services you may need. Call us today or go online now!

Commercial Screen Enclosures

Mosquitoes can be a big problem for outdoor eateries. They are attracted to all the people and food that is available, which means they constantly swarm around your customers, looking for their next meal. This can ruin an otherwise great experience.


Thankfully there is a solution! With our custom screen enclosures, you will not have this problem anymore! We offer commercial screen enclosure services in cape coral Florida so contact us today to find out more about how we can keep mosquitos away from your restaurant or business!

Our Services

screen enclosures cape coral fl

Porch Screen Enclosures

Do you feel like it is impossible to enjoy time on your porch because of bugs? If so, then you are in luck! Screen enclosures for porches can be a quick and easy solution. These screens will allow fresh air to come in while also keeping pesky bugs out.

It is important that the screen enclosure company you hire has experience with porch screen enclosures specifically, due to their complexity. We have years of experience installing these types of screens and we would love to help!

When you opt for a porch screen enclosure they not only provide protection against bugs but also add value to your home or business because they increase the curb appeal.

Porch screen enclosures come in various types such as retractable screens and hurricane-resistant materials to provide the best protection for your exterior porch area no matter what may happen.

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Patio Screen Enclosures

If you have a patio with ample outdoor space and want to enjoy it year-round without the sun's harmful UV rays, then call us. We install screens that are both attractive and functional; don't let this opportunity pass by!

Outdoors can be fascinating for adults as well as kids--that is why we like spending time there. If your property does not already have a screen installed on its patios or porches, consider screening them now so they remain safe from UV exposure even after summer has ended.

Screening also offers other benefits: It provides protection against insects in warm weather months while still providing an open feel during cooler seasons because of high-grade glass material

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pool screen repair service

Screen Enclosure Repairs

Pools make for great summertime destinations, but with kids and pets around it's not uncommon to have a screen get damaged. We offer quick pool screen repair in case your existing screens start tearing or the mesh starts ripping apart - we're happy to help you out! To ensure that all of our work is done at top-notch quality, we also provide full replacement services if necessary.

We are the leading screen enclosure repair company and we install screen enclosures that will transform your home into a cozy, exquisite, and secure outdoor lounge. If you want to make sure everything is covered in case of inclement weather or for privacy purposes.

Call us today so one of our team members can come by and set up an appointment on-site; this way they'll be able to answer any questions you might have about whether repairs are worth doing based on how old your current patio/lanai screening system is.

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Door Screen Repairs

The screen door is the most custom thing you can have in your house. It's a door that has a screen instead of glass or wood so bugs don't come flying in and it lets air circulate through to keep you cool on hot summer days. Screen doors are built with aluminum frames, which allows for them to be as strong as possible but also lightweight enough for one person to install without much trouble at all. We offer screen enclosure services including screen door repair and rebuilds!


Screen enclosure door repairs are common because it is so often a screen door will be broken, or the track for it will not work properly. One of the common fixes we do for these types of problems is to use a sliding screen door instead because they are easier and cheaper than having one custom built.

Comfortable chaises in a large screened porch overlook the dunes and Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos

Retractable Screen Door

In today's world, there are so many screens that you can use. So why not go for Roll Down Screens? With these screens, get to enjoy a whole new ambiance and seamless transition of the screen. If you want this done on your property too then talk to our experts first!

We at Cape Coral Pool Screen Enclosure Installation and Repairs deal with all types of screen enclosures in the area - from retractable screens to standard screens which all are designed to give protection against insects and other weather elements that come to negatively affect your outdoor living space.

Screen Enclosure Removal

If you are a customer who has been presented with the situation of removing or dismantling an already-existing screen enclosure, we can offer excellent services and have solutions to make this process as smooth as possible.

We understand your need for change in structures that may not be meshing well within your visions for the home's layout and function, so our team will work hard to find other quality enclosures available on today’s market.

Homeowner works on repairing door to screened in back porch

Garage Door Screens

Garage door screens can be very effective in allowing you to enter and exit your garage without letting bugs inside the garage. It will limit the amount of pollen, dust, and other air pollutants that get into your home. Most importantly, it is best to hire a professional because garage doors are considered one of the most challenging garage door repairs to complete.

Our garage door screen installation service is perfect for people who are looking for garage screens in Cape Coral, FL. We provide affordable garage screen products you'll be happy with and has a warranty upon installation!

Aluminum Frame Repair

Is your screen enclosure starting to show its age? Screen enclosures are built to last a long time, but they can succumb to the wear and tear of years of use. If you have an old screen that is in need of repair, one option might be for you to re-screen it. However, if the aluminum framing has been compromised or damaged by dents or cracks over time, then replacing these components may be necessary.


Aluminum Frame Painting

No matter how well your aluminum screen enclosure is built, if the frame isn't painted and refinished periodically it will rust. This can not only damage the frame but also your pool enclosure screens. If you don't want to spend time scrubbing away at those hard-to-reach frames, give us a call! We offer aluminum screen painting services for all those difficult-to-reach frames on your pool enclosures.

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